EFFER ICON 215 e 2255


Case Study
Market Analysis
First of all we share the new product development strategy, then we analyze the market, trends, applications, final users, business scenarios.
The "AV Methodology" goes through 4 areas of analysis:
Strategy, benchmarking, branding,
Usability research, 
Stylistic (shape, materialss,  colors),
Material and technology.
Concept Design
This is the creative phase: we analyse innovative forms, alternative materials and technologies, the constructive layout and the best functional conditions.
Design Refiniment
During this phase, we define all the constructive details, both aesthetic and technical, without anticipating the phase of 3d engineering.
3D Engineering and Prototyping
In this phase we study every single component related to the final product.
Prototyping involves the project, the aesthetics of the product, the communicative impact and the functionality and the ergonomics, before launching the production.
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